Energy Management

Students met with Paul Rabbe, Energy Management Coordinator of North East I.S.D to discuss energy usage and systems at their school and within the district at-large.  

Society of Native Nations

Students met with Frankie Orona, director of Society of Native Nations. He spoke about indigenous concerns around energy futures, political and legal actions taken by the group, and the history of environmentalism in the Native American community.


Oil-land Trinity Retreat

On our first retreat we met with an architecture professor working to rethink building usage in "boom and bust" geographies, an oil landman who combines legal and historical research to assess mineral rights, and a solar power industry leader. Students also built collective timelines, thinking through the events/issues/technologies that have shaped our contemporary energy landscape and developed essential questions that should be asked about global energy.

Oil-land Begins

Guided by a critical pedagogy that interweaves inquiry, dialogue, action, and reflection, Borderland Collective will be collaborating with forty high school students in San Antonio, Texas on a year-long art and research project. Together, we will unpack and reflect upon historical and contemporary issues surrounding energy production, usage, and impact.