These photographs were made in 2010 by youth in North San Antonio, Texas, all of whom were newcomer refugees from countries such as Somalia, Burundi, Rwanda, and Burma. In collaboration with teacher and community organizer Kerry Haupert, Borderland Collective worked with nearly 80 young people over the course of a summer break and subsequent school year to explore ideas of self, family, and culture as a displaced young person. Through a grant from the SAPPI Ideas that Matter program, we created 3000 sets of curriculum cards using the pictures made by these youth; the cards have been sent across the globe in an act of collective education.


Students: Mohamed, Abdullah, Fatima, Htoo Htoo E, Say Say Eh, D.Meh, Hai Meh, Maryam, Sa D. Oo, Minani, Ru Reh, Sa D. Toe, Sa D. Win, Marina, The Dar Htoo, Methode, Follow Me, Hulbey, Fatuma, Chris, Maung Aye Lway, Abakar, Eh Paw, Mi Noe Noe, Shelly Paw, Fatuma, Lule, Habiba, Abdullahi, Mohamed, Aye Mye, Hill Da Yas, Paw Moo, Eh Taw Paw, Ali, Azizah, Najma, Mariam, Mohamed, Rupesh, Eh Soe Soe, Makayla, Halima, Rebecca, Mohammed, Lerpwehtoo, Adrian, David, Junior, Felcite, Halima, Maryam, Isamar, Shallika, Pearl, and Mumina; Teachers/Artists: Kerry Haupert, Diane Elizondo, Jason Reed, Mark Menjivar, Jacqueline McGilvray, Maricela Alarcon, Taylor Bates, Ryan Sprott, Ben Lamb, Deleigh Hermes, and Christina Zambrano