Wurzbach Manor


Utilizing relationships we had built during participatory art projects in the local public school (see Newcomers project), we were connected with three families living at an apartment complex called Wurzbach Manor: the Paw Moo family from Burma, the Niyonkuru family from Tanzania, and the Day family, Americans from New Orleans. Displaced from their native homes because of civil war, genocide and natural disaster, these families had by chance and forces beyond their control become neighbors. Through this collective action we were able to illuminate both their past journeys and current place in the world while constructing opportunity for transformative cultural exchange.


Families: Laterrial “Big Moochie” Day Love, Ayana Day, Byron Day, and Laterrial “Little Moochie” Day; Daphrose, Laurent, Ciza, Methode, Dorothea, Felcite, Pascaline, and Janvier; Paw Khee, Htee Doh, Paw Moo, Eh Soe Soe, Sam Htoo, and Robert Blut; Teachers/Artists: Jason Reed, Joey Fauerso, Jenny Browne, Hannah Entwisle, Michelle Hays, and Ryan Sprott